How to satisfy a woman sexually: Grandpa's secret
How to make sex longer?

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Sexual Intercourse Duration

depends on many factors: period of the previous abstinence, health state, age, "novelty" of a partner, etc. For simplicity, here we will keep in mind the stable pair in the "steady-state" regime. Since the reduction in the time of abstinence increases intercourse duration, quite often harmony (i.e.,prolonging copulation time to the needed woman's threshold) can be achieved by simple coitiones frequency increase. Naturally, with this, not everything is simple. By "speed" ( an ability to sexual excitation) ( there are "Fast" and "Slow" women) and according the desire frequency ( for one ("Greedy":) maybe, every day is too rare, and for the other ("Modest" :) even monthly is already often) all women for convenience of further discussion can be divided into four groups (like human temperaments)

  1. FG (can be quickly excited and often wants)
  2. SG (slowly starts up, but often wants )
  3. FM (can be quickly excited, but rarely wants)
  4. SM (slowly starts up and rarely wants)

Sorry for my poor English, but this classification is aimed to futher discussion simplification and not for scientific value. Any correction from native English speackers is appreciated.

At first glance, it may seem that for the FG, the proposed technique of intercourse prolonging is of no use and "harmonizing by coitus frequency" is sufficient. Well, it's true if this frequency is BEFORE your comfort threshold, and if higher (and much)? The best beer, forcibly infused into you through "I can not" - is no longer a joy. Yes, you feel yourself necessary and beloved, you can let yourself be capricious... - but this is the risk that an "assistant(s)" will arise :). In this case, you should not entertain yourself with the hope of "training": loads are useful (and strengthening you) only before the threshold. Supramarginal ones simply forced to wear out the system. Knowingly in some cultures of the East it was considered necessary to "save" sperm and not to complete each copulation with ejaculation, toughening this "economy" with age.)

The proposed duration of copulation control technique allows you to satisfy FG woman, for example, for the whole day at the expense of one your orgasm and three her orgasms in one "extended" copulation.

Of course, the maximum effect of our method of sexual intercourse extension can give (and gives;) to SG woman, which is more difficult than one from the first group in orgasm achievement. Even a carefully conducted and long preliminary love game (which itself is fraught with premature ejaculation for a young guy without special measures) with very frequent (at the verge of man exhaustion) coitions can provide SG woman with a long enough sexual intercourse in the overwhelming number of couplings. Therefore, the partners of such woman need the technique of coition elongation more than anyone.
With the group of "Modest" women the possibility of sexual intercourse elongation by increasing the frequency of copulations is reduced greatly (if this possibility even is here :) by the very nature of this group :(...

I want to get longer sex!

Why Erection Should Be Controlled

FM women are probably the most successful in sexual terms. Since the real "Modest" admits a man to her rather less often than one would like, everything happens easily, quickly and healthy - but giving him almost no time and chance to FEEL... Unless (of course) he learns our technique of prolonging sexual intercourse for men.

With SM the problems just discussed are exacerbated. It should be noted that everything written here is addressed and refers to healthy people (with pathologies - "you need to see a doctor"), so we will not find out what causes discussed organisms features- heredity, upbringing, temporary or permanent hormonal imbalance, etc. So, MS, in my opinion, too close to the pathology and orgasm is given to them so difficult that they prefer not to "start chasing" - because the efficiency of the attempts used is close to zero. So, here again the application of the proposed method of coitus prolongation can be extremely useful in view of the meager number of attempts to produce a noticeable result.

Thus, the need for men to increase the duration of sexual intercourse for a large number of women can be considered established.

Now about what I'm NOT suggesting:

  • pills, ointments and other forms of medcine of both natural and synthetic origin
  • any devices, both mechanical and electro-magnetic, as well as of any other nature;
  • help from the partner (such as squeeze, pull, pres ssomething etc.)
  • turbid esoteric and similar things like "to direct Qi energy from the groin area along the dorsal meridian to the head, and then along the anterior meridian to the solar plexus", etc.

But one can not achieve prolongation of sexual intercourse simply by reading the instructions or a spell ?! Yes, one can not - and the proposed method is really simple, but not at all easy. It will be necessary to train, and in order to be able to use my "money back" month guarantee of repayment, I propose to order only if you are already able (thanks to regular Kegel exercises or the like) to hold the pubic-coccygeal muscle (PCM for brevity) in a stressed state for at least 10-15 seconds.

Now about what IS included in the proposed package of family know-how.

I want to make sex longer!

Know-how package for woman sexual satisfaction

  • instructions how and when to operate by said trained PCM and how to achieve and maintain the needed level of its manageability;
  • special position for pre-amorous games, allowing even SG woman in 10-15 minutes bring to the first orgasm. I have not been able to find its descriptions either in the literature or on the web, therefore, the first to discover it (and submit the proof of its publication until 2018), I undertake to return half licence payment (of course, if he does not use the month money-back guarantee!);
  • access to the future closed forum of "dedicated" for application and improvement of the prolonging copulation method discussed;
  • opportunity (for an additional fee, but with a discount :) of creating and placing on or your promotion site with customer portrait (limits to your imagination here are only in generally accepted laws and moral norms :) ;
  • at the moment of take-off "to the seventh heaven", a woman (more often from "Slow" ones) can completely lose control of herself and, for example, scream - like she will never be able to scream in a normal state. So, the bonus - "ringtone" - a record of the "cry of Victory", which turns into a purring of the "departing" woman. For the time of the month "money-back" guarantee comes with a "watermark" in the form of an overlaid assistant voice;), then (if you like it) - in a "clean" form.


Why does Grandpa not provide this know-how for free?
- pension in Ukraine is far from decent one (in the worse direction :), and and require regular payment;
- anything got for free - is easily lost and forgotten;
- in this way it is more likely to remain "elected" longer. You can consider a fee for know-how (agree, $10 or €10 is not so onerous;) as a payment for lifetime membership in the Club of these "elected". As soon as a significant number of people willing to join arise, we will open a (closed) club forum for the exchange of experience and further development.

Why do you call the secret "family" one?
Because you may treat it so, i.e. to give it to your heirs: sons, grandchildren, and sons-in-law - for free, but as a family secret (under the terms of non-disclosure to "strangers";).

What are the terms of the month money-back guarantee?
You should delete all received files, do not discuss or distribute the information received in them, and also try to forget what you read. Hence AFTER the complete removal (and "Trash basket" empting), you send us a letter with the following content: I ask to return to me $10 [or €10] (without transfer fee) paid by me on xx.yy.2018, because ... [Preferably with explanations WHAT and HOW did not work] according to your monthly money-back guarantee. I have already deleted irrevocably all the information received from you and I hereby undertake not to spread it and not discuss it anywhere, with anyone and in any way.- Name. - Date.

$10 to Visa card # 4731185607256671 or €10 to 4149497873209391 (for Grandpa Anatolii :) as a know-how license fee. Later I will add other options.

So, I offer (an adult) everyone an exclusive license for the family know-how "Sexual satisfaction of a woman. Grandpa Secret " for a one-time fee of $10 or €10 on the above described terms.
You can get the same for free for the translation of this page (and the text of know-how itself - it's not larger) to any new language (which is not already above)! To do this, just send the said translation the Grandfather with a promise to translate the know-how thus obtained and to send the know-how translation.  
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